“Barbara Goodman Siegel is among my favorite teachers of the Course. Her gift at healing perception is surpassed only by her kindness – and it comes through on every page.” ---EMILY BENNINGTON

Affirmations have been used in many ways, but never have they been used to bring the truth of A Course in Miracles lessons to the student’s daily life in such a consistent, easy, and intimate way. Using these affirmations cannot but hasten the students own awakening to their true Self. 

Barbara Goodman Siegel, a Course student, facilitator and spiritual counselor was inspired to come to the Course lessons with this fresh approach. Barbara took the essence from each of the 365 lessons and created corresponding affirmations. She instructs the student to do these affirmations in front of the mirror while engaging in their everyday grooming habits. With each lesson, she has also included a quote from the Course text that will help the student easily weave together the lesson with the text.   

Whether you are an advanced student or new to the Course, this approach will take you from the study chair to the most direct avenue available, your own reflection, thereby making the message of each lesson both personal and powerful! This is an indispensable companion to A Course in Miracle

Barbara Goodman Siegel provides clients with more than experience, bringing creative vision and an incredible sense of the 'next loving step'. She is available for spiritual counseling.