Spiritual Counseling

I have three objectives in spiritual counseling:

1. Help you hear your own Inner Wisdom.

2. Help you look at the false beliefs you have made up about yourself that no longer serve you - beliefs that came from the ego self and keep you small and in fear.

3. Help you recognize the truth of who and what you really are.

In this gentle and loving process we are going to:

1. Look at your confused and fearful thoughts, thoughts such as feeling unworthy, unlovable, a victim, etc.  These are the thoughts that keep you tied to the ego and won't let you hear your Inner Wisdom.

2. Once those thoughts are allowed to surface, they can be released.

3. Now we are ready to hear what your Inner Wisdom wants to tell you.

When I was trained in this process, I was amazed at how effective it was, and overjoyed that I would be able to bring it to others.  For a more detailed explanation of the process, go to: How the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling Can Help.

"Think but an instant on this; you can behold the holiness God gave His Son. And never need you think that there is something else for you to see." A Course In Miracles, T-20.VIII.11:3-4

FIRST: In order to help you access your own Inner Wisdom (What in A Course of Miracles is called Holy Spirit) I use a process called Accessing Inner Wisdom.  This process was developed by Pathways of Light, and is based on the teachings of the Course.  Training in this form of couseling was part of the program I went through at Pathways to become an Ordained Ministerial Counselor.

Second: I want to help you see where these unloving thoughts originated so that we can pull the weeds out at the root, so to speak.  Most these unloving thoughts originated in childhood and have become beliefs that you unconsciously act out on over and over, year after year.  Using a gentle and loving process, we are going to look at:

1.     What is upsetting you currently (could be a job, a relationship, etc.)

2.     What feelings does that generate in you

3.     When did you first have these feelings and what beliefs about yourself did you attach to them

Once we uncover where these negative beliefs about yourself came from, we can take the final step which is:

Third:  Release the old, untrue beliefs your ego made up and reinforce the truth of who you really are, a worthy and divine child of God.

Until you release the untrue, your mind won’t accept the truth

Each person’s needs and desires from spiritual counseling are different. Some will want to do all of the above, and some may just want to do step one or step two. (Both steps include step three).We would want to discuss what your objectives are and go from there to determine what course of action would be best and then set an appointment.

 I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist, and none of the above includes any kind of analysis, just gentle processes that, I hope, will help you find happiness and joy in your life.

I will give you a 15 minute free courtesy call so that we can get to know each other and discuss your objectives.  Together we can then decide if what I offer and what you are looking for is a good match and what the next step should be. If you wish to receive a courtesy call from me, please e-mail me at Barbara@barbaragoodmansiegel.com.

All my counseling is by phone.  My current requested love offering for a session is $75.00.  However, no one is turned away for inability to pay.

“At a point in my journey where depression and fatigue had me giving up all hope, and others had abandoned me as lost, Spirit led me to Barbara. There are no words fine enough to express how grateful I am and how much I appreciate the help and understanding I have received from her. Barbara is blessed with a truly amazing gift of hearing, and her gift is beautifully enhanced and magnified exponentially by her compassion and empathy. She is so patient and gentle while she hones right in on and draws out the core issues. It often seems as if she knows me better than I know myself, and I believe she does - at least at the moment.

I've discovered things about myself I was not consciously aware of and she has helped me to uncover thoughts I have attempted to hide from myself. Her respect and care for all of us is truly inspiring. Barbara brought hope back to me and peace is returning to my mind. This is a miracle. Thank you, Father, for my beautiful sister and her big, open heart! She helps us all make it home a little faster. “

Mike A.